The Calling Fact Sheet - Constructed

General Information

What Exactly is The Calling?
     The Calling is a three day celebration (Friday - Sunday) of Flesh and Blood. While each city will have its own unique twists, every The Calling will have the same overall experiences available to players. 

 The Calling Main Event
     The Calling Main Event is a huge two day tournament with a $10,000 prize pool!  The Calling Main Event starts on Saturday, with the top performing players return Sunday to battle for their spot in the Top 8.  All Top 8 players earn an invite to a Flesh and Blood Professional Tournament (PT) and a gold cold foil promo.  This event is designed for those seeking a more competitive experience or that are looking to be part of some of the largest Flesh and Blood tournaments in the world.

Side Events
At each The Calling event, there will be side events running every day.  Side events are smaller tournaments designed for those looking for shorter, less competitive experience than the Main Event.  These events start at sheduled times in a variety of formats - some of these formats are things you may have never played before and are exclusive to The Calling!   If the main event is not for you, check out the Go Again! side event packages to get your fill of events .  Full Side event schedules for each event will be posted a few weeks before the date of the event.

Prize Wall 
Prizes for side events are awarded as Prize Tix.  These Tix are redeemable at the Prize Wall for a variety of options, such as: booster packs, single cards, accessories and other merchandise, and maybe a few exclusive surprises.  You'll even be able to save up your Tix throughout the weekend for larger prizes.

The Calling will also serve many vendors buying and selling Flesh and Blood products. On the hunt for that perfect cold foil weapon or promo to finish out your deck? One of our vendors is likely to have exactly what you are searching for!


Main Event
Format & Structure


Classic Constructed

Day One and Day TwoClassic Constructed 

Day 1 starts at 10am Saturday

Day 2 starts at 9am Sunday

  • All Rounds: Classic Constructed 

  • Decklists are required.

  • Players will use one deck for all Rounds.​

  • Swiss-style Rounds (50-minute Time Limit)

  • Day One:

    • 7 Swiss Rounds. The Top 64 players at the end of Day 1 will advance to Day 2. All other players are eliminated.

  • Day Two:

    • 4 Swiss Rounds. The Top 8 players using standings from both days will advance. All other players are eliminated.

    • Top 8 Single-Elimination.

  • Top 8 playoff matches will have no time limit. (Players are still expected to play at a normal pace and complete playoff matches in a reasonable amount of time.)

  • Standings after the Swiss rounds will be used to determine final standings for players who would otherwise be tied in single-elimination rounds.

  • For the first game of each match in the playoff, the player that finished higher in the Swiss rounds chooses either to play first or second.


The Calling Main Event Prizes


Sunday will feature a second opportunity to earn your invite to the Pro Tour with the ProQuest! The winner of the ProQuest will win their spot in the Pro Tour as well as a Gold Foil Arcanite Skullcap Promo!

ProQuest at at This event will be Tales of Aria Sealed Deck


Side Events


Side Event Structure

Scheduled side events will be 4 Swiss Rounds unless otherwise noted in the event description. All players will receive prizes based on their number of match wins.  The Calling Las Vegas event schedule is available here and will give you a good idea of what each Calling weekend schedule will be.

On-Demand Drafts

On-Demand Draft events will be running all weekend! These events will start as soon as eight players have signed up. For these events, players will be randomly seated and then play a single-elimination booster draft (up to 3 rounds). All players will receive prizes based on their number of match wins.

Daily Double

Once per day, we will run Daily Double versions of Blitz, Classic Constructed and Sealed formats! These events will offer double the prizes of their counterpart events, and are tailored to those looking for a more competitive experience.



“Fabled” and “Go Again!” event packages are available to combine multiple event entry and bonus items together. If you can’t use all of your vouchers in one weekend, they won’t go to waste! Any unused event vouchers can be converted into prize tickets for use on the prize wall.


Side event prizes are awarded in the form of Prize Tickets. These tickets can be redeemed at our prize wall for Flesh and Blood-themed goodies, such as booster packs, cards for your deck, merchandise, and other unique items! 

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