The Prize Wall is where you can spend your hard-earned Prize Tix on all things Flesh and Blood! Earn Tix by playing in side events and cash them in for whatever you want.


The Prize Wall has accessories, booster boxes*, booster packs*, singles, oversized Hero cards, Tales of Aria uncut sheets, and you can even cash in for an entry into our exclusive Tales of Aria drafts!


Tales of Aria drafts are ONLY available from the Prize Wall for Tix, with scheduled times on Saturday and Sunday. For more information check out the Calling Las Vegas event schedule here.


Here's some of the exciting stuff you'll see on the Prize Wall:

  • Booster Boxes*

  • Booster Packs*

  • Singles

  • Deckboxes

  • Sleeves

  • Event Playmats

  • Blitz Decks

  • Oversized Hero cards

  • Tales of Aria Uncut Sheets

  • Tales of Aria Draft Entries

*Tales of Aria will not be available on the prize wall